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Surrounding information

List of ways to spend

  • Nature

    • Mt. Fuji

      Needless to say, Mt. Mt Fuji, the highest peak in Japan.
      The entire area of Mt Fuji is registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site, and many tourists from Japan and abroad come to visit.
      From Mishima to Mt Fuji, there is access to Subashiriguchi and Gotemba.
      Buses also run from the front of the station.
      Around Mt Fuji, such as Lake Ashinoko and Lake Kawaguchi, there is also a bus running in front of the station.
      About 40 minutes to Hakone.
      There are also people who stretch their legs together with Mt Fuji sightseeing.
      (The photograph is an image.)
    • Kakitagawa River Springs

      The Kakita River originates from the spring water that gushes out from the "Wakima" of Kakitagawa River Park.
      It is a clear stream that joins the Kano River near the Shimizu Town Office.
      The water temperature is stable around 15 degrees throughout the year.
      Mishimabaikamo is also famous.
      Kakita River Yusui-gun is a famous water that has been selected as one of the 100 Remarkable Waters famous waters.
      The amount of spring water is about 700,000 to 1,000,000 tons per day, which is the largest in the East.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・15 minutes by train, bus, etc.
       There are several bus routes running from in front of the south exit station.
      ・10 minutes by car.
       It is located along National Route 1.
    • Senbonhama

      Senbonhama has a great view of the Izu Peninsula and Mt Fuji.
      Roads along the coast are popular for cycling and jogging.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/20 minutes by train/bus etc.
       Take the Tokaido Line to Numazu Station and take the bus.
    • Izu Shirahama

      *maximum number of characters:400 characters
  • see/play

    • Clematis no Oka

      Clematis no Oka, there are art museums and literary museums to pass on excellent art and culture to the next generation.
      It is dotted with restaurants where you can enjoy local ingredients and natural parks.
      Various varieties of Clematis are in full bloom every season,
      You can enjoy the charm of clematis all year round.
      Beginning with a walk in a beautiful garden, you can have a conversation with art,
      And while feeling the delicious air, leisurely enjoying "food", etc.
      It is a spot where each person can spend a wonderful holiday as they please.
      Clematis no Oka is roughly divided into two areas.
      "Buffet area" centered on "Museum Bernard Buffet",
      The Clematis Garden Area is a complex of gardens, museums, restaurants, and shops.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/20 minutes by train/bus etc.
       A free shuttle bus is in operation from the north exit of Mishima Station.
    • Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum

      The Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum is an Italian contemporary figurative sculptor Giuliano Vangi's
      April 28, 2002 as the only private art museum in the world,
      The museum was opened on the hillside of The foot of Mount Ashitaka, which is connected to Mt. Mt Fuji.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/20 minutes by train/bus etc.
       A free shuttle bus is in operation from the north exit of Mishima Station.
    • Izu Mito Sea Paradise

      【Access from the inn】
      ・30 minutes by car.
    • Mishima Skywalk

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/30 minutes by train/bus etc.
       A one-day free pass bus ticket for sightseeing is recommended.
  • history

    • Mishima Taisha Shrine

      Mishima Taisha Shrine has long been worshiped by people as the No. 1 shrine in Izu.
      At the head of the shrine is a 1,200-year-old osmanthus, which is a natural monument.
      It is also famous for Minamoto no Yoritomo Minamoto's 100-day pilgrimage, and on the day of his full prayer, he raised the flag of the Genji revival.
      Every August, a grand summer festival is held, which has become a summer tradition that represents Mishima.
      Nearby is the House of Lunar Calendar Publisher, which displays the history of the Mishima-Goyomi Calender, which was widely used as a basic calendar in the olden days.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・10 minutes on foot.
       It takes about 10 minutes to walk south from the hotel along the promenade along the river.
      ・car/3 minutes by train/bus etc.
       There is a circular bus that costs 100 yen for one round.
    • Rakujukan

      Rakujuen is located just south of JR Mishima Station,
      It is a park rich in nature with an area of about 72,768 square meters surrounded by a dense forest.

      【Access from the inn】
      ・2 minutes on foot.
       Right next to the hotel.
    • National Historic Site"Yamanaka Castle Ruins”

      It is one of Hakone Ten Castles Castles, which is positioned as a branch castle of Odawara Castle built by Hojo.
      The Yamanaka Castle Ruins, located on a hill, has a great view of Mt Fuji.
      Highly recommended!

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/30 minutes by train/bus etc.
  • Numazu Port

    Once a dedicated freight line from Numazu Numazu Station to Numazu Port Station,
    The Numazu Port Line (commonly known as the Jamatsu Line) was discontinued in 1974.
    From Numazu Port to the west, there is Senbon Matsubara (pine groves) Senbonhama, followed by a pine forest called Senbonmatsubara.
    On September 26, 2004, a large water gate with an observation facility, "View-O" was completed.
    The lock door weighs 470 tons and is 32 meters high.
    It was closed to prevent tsunami damage when the Tokai Earthquake occurred.
    • Around Numazu Port

      On the east side of the port, between the Kano River and the Kano River, restaurants such as sushi and seafood restaurants line the eaves.
      In November 2007, it was registered with the "Minato Oasis System" of the Chubu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, Transport and Tourism.
      In the same month, the fishery complex "Numazu Fish Market INO" opened.
  • Shopping

    • Gotenba Premium Outlets

      【Access from the inn】
      ・car/40 minutes by train/bus etc.