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Smiles and hospitality full of hospitality.

A warm and "healthy" breakfast is provided.

We offer a passionate breakfast, including handmade original curry and miso soup with plenty of ingredients.
The method of serving breakfast may change depending on the season.
Please feel free to ask the hotel staff for details.

【Time】From 6:30 to 9:30
【Location】1st floor lobby floor / In-room dining (Please bring your own to your room.)
  • Morning Buffet Breakfast Buffet

    It is a buffet style breakfast.
    The buffet menu is free to help yourself.
    Miso soup with plenty of Hakone Seiroku Mishima Vegetables, raw vegetable salad with fresh green leafy vegetables,
    Standard hotel breakfast scrambled eggs and sausages, soup and fruit,
    We offer Japanese dishes such as dried horse mackerel and simmered dishes, as well as desserts.

    *For children sleeping with parents and children under elementary school age who do not charge an accommodation fee,
     Please understand that breakfast will be charged separately.
    • breakfast buffet(An example)

      Japanese Food

      Dried fish from the sea near Numazu Port/simmered dish/Side dish/Boiled sakura shrimp/Pot-fried whitebait

      Western Food

      Scrambled eggs/wiener/bacon/Mishima croquette

      buffet menu

      Curry / Raw vegetable salad / Miso soup / Soup / Drinks / Dessert / Seasonal fruit / Cereal etc.
      1,000 JPY(Tax included)
  • Original Menu original menu

    As a local special menu, boiled whitebait and sakura shrimp from Yui.
    We also offer Tanna Milk ice cream and milk from local dairy farms.
    • breakfast buffet"local special menu”


      Yui boiled whitebait / Sakura shrimp / Tanna Milk ice cream / Milk etc.