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12-21 Ichiban Town, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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1 minute walk from JR Mishima Station South Exit.
About 20 minutes by car from Tomei Numazu IC.

Access list

Good location, 1 minute walk from Mishima Station.
Buses can be parked in the paid parking lot of the hotel.
  • When using a car

    ・About 20 minutes from Tomei Expressway Numazu Interchange.
    ・About 20 minutes from Shin-Tomei Expressway Nagaizumi-Numazu Interchange.

    Fare:1,000 yen per day/Standard-sized car
    number:Parking for up to 6 cars

    ・Advance reservation required.
    ・For customers who come by car, we will guide you to the hotel's private parking lot.
    ・When the parking lot is full, we will guide you to the nearest pay parking lot.
     (Special parking discount coupon presentation)

    【About the bus】
    Fare:2,000 yen/1 day(Motorcycles and large vehicles are negotiable)
    number:Up to 3 cars can be parked

    *For hotel guests, available from 15:00 to 10:00.(200 yen per hour after hours)
     In the case of consecutive stays, parking is available 24 hours a day.
  • Coin parking information

    1."Times Mishima Ichibancho No.2”
     【Maximum charge】
     24 hours from arrival / 1,600 yen
     *Discount coupons are available for those who use this parking lot.

    2."Times Shimizu Bank Mishima Branch”
     【Maximum charge】
     Monday to Friday:15:00 to 9:00/880 yen
     saturday sunday holiday:15:00 to 9:00/880 yen・9:00 to 15:00/1,320 yen
     *Discount coupons are available for those who use this parking lot.
     *Please see our website for details of regular hourly rates.

    3."Times Mishima Aoi Square”
     【night rate】
     16:00 to 8:00/Maximum 550 yen(The hourly rate is 110 yen for 30 minutes.)
     【daytime rate】
     8:00 to 16:00/60 minutes 990 yen*No maximum charge
     *About 5 minutes on foot.
     *Discount coupons are available for those who use this parking lot.

    Four."Kohama Parking Lot”
     【night rate】
     20:00 to 8:00/Up to 500 yen(Time usage fee is 100 yen per hour)
     【daytime rate】
     8:00 to 20:00/Up to 1,400 yen(Time usage fee is 200 yen per hour)
     *About 4 minutes on foot.

    Five."TMO Parking Lot”
     【night rate】
     From 20:00 to 8:00(150 yen/1 hour)
     【daytime rate】
     8:00 to 20:00(300 yen/1 hour)
     *3 minutes walk.
  • By foot

    From JR Mishima Station south exit ticket gate, go down the road to the south for about 2 minutes.